I have this thing about gay leather bars. Luca takes me there on special occassions, he knows it turns me on. The leather, the muscular men, the bulging crotches and shaved chests in harness, the smell of male ferromones, the sounds from the dark rooms.
I want them grab me and pull me into one of the rooms, tie me to the wall or a bed, spread my legs, un-zip their bulging leather crotches and pull out their swollen big dicks.
My panties soak, my tits ache. I take a cab to a neighborhood bar, looking for a leather man, but find only jerks.
I can't wait to grind my pussy, to push a dildo into it. All the way.
I walk home and run up the stairs, my heels hammering the stone stairs. Inside, I tear off my dress and underwear, pull out one of my dildos and fall on the bed. Eyes closed. Dildo sliding up and down my wet pussy.
I see myself in the dark room. I see them grab me and lay me flat on a table. Loud heavy music drowning out all the words. They tear off my clothes and tie me down with only my heels on. They spread my legs wide, my flushing pussy opens for them. They stand around me, three of them, then five, then more.
They're all big and muscular, some black, some white. Some hairy like beasts, others shaved clean, some with beards, others with shaved heads. Leather creaking as they move, zippers opening. They pull out their big, hard dicks and take turns fucking me. I take one, a heavy blond man without a shread of hair anywhere, tatoos everywhere. He forces his dick into me and bangs me, groping my tits and ass and he comes with a roar, I feel his cum shooting into me. Then another, a black guy in leather harness, then another and yet another. I take four loads, then I come and I lose count as they take turns and still more men come into the room.
It's crowded, I'm surrounded by leather men wanting to fuck me and some of them can't wait, they stand over my face and pump their dicks over me, let their loads come on my tits, and I come again, Someone comes on my feet, on my legs, in my hair and I open my mouth. Gurgling and anticipating.
The first load on my tongue and lips takes me off again and then there's another and then one shoves his dick into my mouth and empties it in me while I scream on the top of my lungs, then another and another and and it all goes black...

I had never seen her being fucked like that. He was an animal. He held her ass like a vise and I could see his huge dick penetrating her.  He pulled it out, rubbed her asshole with it, then plunged in again. She was so wet it glistened and when he shoved it into her it made wet sounds, his balls smacking her with every thrust. She cried and came and cried and came and the sweat was running off his chest as he worked her harder and faster.
"Fuck my mouth!" she cried to me.
"Fuck my mouth Ulf! I want your dick in my mouth, I want you to come in my mouth while that black beast is banging me. God, he's so good!"
I stood in front of her and zipped down as she opened her mouth, moaning and drooling.
And I fucked her.

In the end there was only one consolation, one thing that could make me stop crying.

Garm's Kiss

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