I can't be doing this. It's not me. Stop it!
"Don't stop!"
Just a little more. It's so good.
I have to stop. I have to leave. I have to meet John at the airport.
In a minute.
I'll leave in a minute.
I can't believe I'm sitting on his face. I don't know him.
But I'm sucking his cock.
Begging him to lick my pussy.
"Yes, more!"
He's too young. Could be my son.
But he's not.
"Oh my god!" 
And then I come again.
"Ohh! Don't stop!"
Just a little more. It's so good.

"Have you ever been in here before Sam?"
"No, miss O'Hara."
"My father won't let you."
"No, miss."
"But he doesn't have the same ideas about things that I do, not the same needs, you see."
"No, miss."
"One of my ideas is to see you without those dirty clothes. Please take them off Sam."

"Oh, my. Now I see why you're called Big Sam   my, my, my    mm 
Is it always hard when you see me?"
"I'm not sure your father..."
"Who is Tara?"
"My wife, miss O'Hara."
"Do you miss her?"
"Yes, miss O'Hara."
"Does she hold your cock, Sam? Does she stroke it for you, like this? 
"I'm not sure we sh..." 
"You like that, don't you Big Sam?
"Yes, miss..." 
"Does she suck it for you, Sam? Does she get down on her knees and lick it, take it in her mouth."
 "Does she suck your balls and cock, Big Sam?"
"Sometimes, miss O'Hara."
"Do you come in her mouth, Sam?
"I bet you do, Sam. And I bet you fuck her from behind first, don't you? I bet you fuck her like a dog, like a little bitch."
"Sometimes, miss."
"And when you've fucked her hard, she opens her mouth for you, wants you to shoot your come, doesn't she? I bet you have a big load and some of it comes on her face and tits. Do you miss fucking her from behind and having your cock sucked Sam?"
"Do you miss coming in her mouth and shooting your warm load on her face and tits, Sam?"
"I'm sure you do. A big cock like that needs to fuck and get sucked, it needs to shoot, doesn't it?"
"Have you ever been sucked by a white lady, Sam? Has a white girl ever sucked on those big balls and this big cock?"
"Have you ever fucked a white little bitch from behind like a dog, Sam? Shoved this black hard dick into a pink wet pussy of a white bitch? Fucked her 'til she screams and cries? Have you shot your come on pink little tits and lips? Has a white bitch licked and swallowed your big load, Sam?"
"Yes ... no, miss... O' Hara"
"Would you like a little white bitch to do that, Sam?
Would you like a little white bitch to get down her hands and knees and show you her little white ass, beg you to fuck her? Do you like that Sam? Right here on papas carpet, fuck a little white bitch with this big black dick?
"Would you like me to suck on your balls and cock? Do you want to fuck me like a bitch in heat, come on my face and tits and see me open my mouth to swallow your cum?" 
"Yes, I... think... so.... miss"

Garm's Kiss

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