"Is he sleeping?"
"Yes m'am"
"Bring me the little jar with skin cream, it's in the bathroom."

"And who the fuck are you? The new neighborhood slut? And what the fuck are you doing in my sofa? And exactly where the hell is Jack?"

"What are they doing?"
"Ssssh! That's mister Johnson. He lives next door. He's always here when dad's away. Mom says he helps her out. But he always comes at night when I'm in bed, brings flowers and stuff. They make a lot of noise."
"He's got a big wiener. Why is he putting it in there?"
"She needs it."
"How do you know?"
"I heard her say so once."
"Why is she screaming? Does it hurt?"

Her scent was astonishing, I felt it even before I took her panties off. Full and rich.
"I forgot to shave" she said with a hint of a giggle, sitting back and spreading her legs.
Her stubble scratched my face and made my tongue sore, but her fluids were ointments, soothing balm as I gulped and swallowed, when I rubbed my dick on her soft, cushioned, scratchy mound, her oily folds and pushed deep into her.

Garm's Kiss

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