When I run away to join the circus
As a fortune teller
Or a contortionist
I shall take you with me
My own special circus attraction
“Roll up, roll up
Come see the gorgeous man
With the delicious cock
Marvel at his beautiful body
See his erection dripping
At the touch of my hand”
Or maybe
I’ll just keep you to myself
Chained in my tent
And hard
For me to touch and kiss
For me to suck and fuck
Whenever and however I feel like
I knew there was a reason
I’ve always wanted to join the circus…..

Words by ~ Isabella ~
She exhaled into my mouth - I felt his cock on her hot breath.
"He´s coming" she whispered. "Please fuck me darling, fuck my little ass while I swallow him... I want your cock between my legs when he comes..."

Toungue! she said.

Garm's Kiss

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