As soon as they walked in the door my brain stopped working. A flash went through my brain and straight down to my balls, like a lash of a whip. I could even feel them instantly pumping harder and my cock grew hard as a rock in a matter of seconds. I had to fuck her. She was electric, a magnet. There was no thought, just instinct.
I had to fuck her. Saying "Hi" and giving names was useless, an unbearable waste of time. She had to kneel on the floor and open her mouth for me, I had to bend her over and pull up her short dress, taste her pussy, lick her juices, suck her tits, grab her long silvery hair, rub my cock against her ass, squeeze into her, pound her, unload myself. I just had to fuck her.
"Your pulse is racing darling. She's good isn't she? I can tell she gives good head, little Ms Starbucks, I knew she would. Little Ms Starsuck, litle Ms Starfuck."
My legs were jittering, my breath panicking and I'd give anything to get loose, to take control, to lay her down and fuck her.
"My, you must be close, aren't you? You're about to come. You want to fuck her don't you? You want to push that cock of yours into her teeny little pussy, I can tell. You want her to stand on all fours so you can fuck that little ass, right?"
I panted and nodded, hoping she would be pleased by this and release me. The girl sucked me hard and wet, her mouth a vagina, her hand squeezed my balls, urging them to make more, telling them to work hard, letting them know there would be demand for more than usual tonight.
"Let me go! Untie me!" I pleaded, but Carin just laughed softly as the silverhaired animal was sucking out my brain through my cock.
"Why don't you just relax and let her do it? Come in her mouth" she whispered. "Why fight it? Just let go, fill little Ms Starsucks mouth with your creamy sauce, let her drink it, gulp it down I know that's what you want... and it certainly seems that's what she wants as well. And then I can taste you when I stick my tongue into her mouth and lick the inside of it."
She leaned in and kissed me deep, showed me what she would do, letting her tongue explore my mouth, licking all parts of it, sucking on my tounge, while the silver haired girl let out a small noise and increased the pace, took me deeper inside.
"Or on second thought," Carin whispered, "maybe I should let you fuck her, let you come in her tight little pussy after all, so that I can lick it up... I'd love to lick her little crack, push my tongue into her, suck on her clit, make her squirm. Wouldn't you?"

"I want your ugly, I want your disease, I want your everything as long as it's free; I want your love, love love, love, I want your love.
I want your drama, the touch of your hand, I want your leather studded kiss in the sand. I want your love. love love, love. I want your love."
"Sure" I said.

On opening night Diane was astonishing.

There was something with a wedding that always made Father George excited. When he held the service his dick grew hard under his robe as he looked at the couple, undressing the bride and imagining what was about to happen with them. Visualizing the groom penetrating her. And most of the time there was a wedding guest he could read the book for after the ceremony, a woman who was impressed by his position and longed for the semen of a holy man.

Garm's Kiss

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