Diane finds her lovers where she can, in the museum, at a gallery. Sometimes she hires a model who is new to posing nude. 
She paints them nude, these beautiful men, and becomes aroused by their beauty. Under the natural light of the studio, the artist and her models, the lovers, make their own kind of erotic art. She shows him where to stand, how to pose, how to expose himself the way she wants. 
He is excited by her intense gaze and while she furiously works she stops momentarily to see his hard sex. She steps away from her easel and walks over to fondle his balls, stroke the shaft, smearing it with Cadmium Yellow, Caput Mortuum, Carmine Red or Cerulean Blue, draws her tongue over the dew drop that has formed on his hardness, wipes off the paint smears with a well oiled cloth. She teases him, goes back to her work, but every now and then she walks back to him, feels the hardness under the soft skin and draws back her lips to taste him.

Garm's Kiss

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