She didn’t know anybody in the hall. Or at least she didn't think so. Everyone was wearing a mask, hiding their eyes and leering glances. When she had entered the room some hours ago, she was the centre of every mans’ attention. And she still was – well, she was actually the only woman there. 
She took one cock after another (can she still count them?), took their warm creamy loads and went dizzy in the ecstatic decadence that surrounded her.

Thanks to Anne for the inspiration and text: 
When she whispered what Fouad had done to her - and she to him - and even showed him the pictures, he kissed her and tightened the cuffs around her wrists.
"I'm a lucky guy" he thought as he grabbed her ankles and spread her legs.
He was stainless steel and she she was American motor oil.

Thanks to Jessie for the inspiration!

Garm's Kiss

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