One day Dominique just had enough. She was sick of her useless husband, whining kids and boring job. She packed a suitcase with her most beautiful and precious things and took the car, heading for the secluded valleys in the mountains. There she stayed at expensive hotels, picking up younger men, spending what money she had left and finally indulged in her fantasies.
She took in at the Royal Ermitage in Evian-les-Bains. After a long hot bath and a few drinks, she shaved her pussy and called for the bell-boy. Already as a little girl she dreamed of dark strangers.

She found another one in a bar in Gstaad: He ran a videoshop, had a large collection of porn and wore the biggest cock she had ever sucked.
In Saint Moritz she emptied her husband's bank account and transferred the money to her own. After dinner she picked up a pair of enjoyable waiters, one white and one black, and took them to her room at the Kronenhof.
In Megeve she called her lawyer and filed for a divorce. Then she had her hair done and found an accomodating masseur at the Turkish bath.

Her phone rang continuously and her inbox was full of messages, all of them from her husband.
In Adelboden she met an art dealer with a rich wife. He rigged cameras and fucked her in the living room.

"She wants to watch" he said.
Finally she answered her husband's call:
"Stop bugging me, I'm swallowing" she said, holding the phone so he could listen as she moaned and gulped when the dark stranger came in her mouth.

Her car broke down on the way to Interlaken. She managed to get a lift with a rock band on their way to a gig at the Victoria Jungfrau. She joined them in the pool area after the concert.

She was running out of money and stayed with them a few weeks. They put her up in a dingy hotel and cared for her.

In the end Dominique went back home, got her job back and found a nice apartment. She took care of her kids and lived a respectable life.

But sometimes she took a trip back into the valleys. She had so many new friends there.

Garm's Kiss

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