After the game I quietly sneaked into the womens showers. There was no-one but her there.
I fantasize
about him, the guy next door
he catches me in a public bathroom, staring at his
subconsiously licking my lips. We make eye contact, I move in closer and look down at the bulge in his groin. In a timid voice I say:
"May I?"

There is no reply, he turns around and I follow him into a cubicle where he leans against the wall, I kneel submissively before him. I look up at him, his hands on his hips, he nods at me as if to say "Well, what are you waiting for?"
I unzip him, let his pants fall to the floor, remove his tool out of its tight white confines.
I stroke it
the warm
hard softness
I feel it growing in my hand.
I pull the skin up and down and finally I can wait no longer. I lean forward, my mouth open, and take him in. I suck his cockhead while swirling my tongue over it, slowly but surely feeding more and more of him into my mouth.

I'm greedy, I want more, I want it all.
I push down further and I gag some. I dont care though, that just turns me on even more.
I suck and stroke him for all it's worth now, as fast as I possibly can and my pussy starts to contract. He is ready, I can feel it. "Should I let him cum in my mouth or in my face?" I ask myself. Silly me, like I have a choice. He's in charge, he decides!
I feel the first cramp coming
Suddenly he pulls out with a loud pop, roughly taking me by the hair

twisting my neck

so as I'm looking straight up at him, straight into his eyes, and he proceeds to furiously jerk himself in front of my face and my body is torn, electrocuted, my hand grinding and juices flowing
He looks down at me, squints
and spurts

and spurts

and spurts his hot cum
all over my face
and I come

in my hair
my mouth
my lips
I gasp
swallow all I can
and I come

With grinding teeth and fingers deep I savour its salty creamy texture and come again and then I take him back into my mouth
clean him up and my body twitches, rolls, I whimper, gasp
It's over.
I remain kneeling and tuck his now softening cock back into his pants
catch my breath
zip him back up. I look up at him, my face still covered in cum. I lick my lips clean and whisper
"thank you" and my body shivers.

I kissed and licked his hard stomach, his firm torso, and yanked his wet cock.
"What do you want me to do?" I asked with glistening lips.

She gave him a taste of many splendid things to come, even before he'd had time to get out of his business clothes.'

They watched as I undressed
Shoes, blouse, skirt. Bra, panties.
I stretched out on the table and opened my legs.
Come to me
touch me
wherever you want - my neck and breasts, my belly, thighs

my cunt. I said.

Kiss me
suck me
lick me boys

Take off your pants
When you're hard.

Over dinner we broached the idea of compensation in-kind with our attorney. Initially he was not a supporter but he warmed to it when we clarified our proposal. After dessert, the issue entered the discovery phase.
Laura bent over the table, took his fingers easily when he softly pushed them inside her, my cock thundering in my pants and blood feverishly soaring through my brain as I watched. She pushed back to get them deeper, juices flowing and lubricating. He slowly pulled them out and took them to his mouth while his other hand unzipped his fly.

She invited me to her apartment for a drink. Her husband was away, selling guns in Africa. My wife was in Barbados with her young lover. I accepted. I saw no reason not to. She said she had problems – though she called them issues - with men who were silent when asked to talk about their feelings. I said I had difficulties with women who asked me about my feelings. Perhaps that's why my wife has a lover. Perhaps he likes feelings talk.
OK then,' she said. 'Take your clothes off, all of them, not just your pants. I want to see all of you. If I like what I see, I'll make you come. We can try again on the feelings thing later.

'I have a window for you at 8.15 pm,' I told him.
'I'll be free then, for a short while. Don't be early or late, and be hard.' I always make it clear to men what I want from them.

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