Sometimes when Dhara was away all night and came home in the early hours, the scent of alcohol and sex seeping from her skin, I cursed the day we we were married. But it never lasted long.

He was an easy prey, Yuri. A little flirting and showing of skin in the bar and he was hard, I saw his face flush and his pants bulge. Some whispers in his ear, accidental touches and bumps and he was back in my place, pants down and legs spread in the leather sofa while I sat on the floor sucking his cock for a while before pulling out the ropes. I had to show him how it worked, what was important; a firm hold, tight knots. He learned fast.

She closed her eyes as she laid her head back.
The surge of energy inside, coursing down her body as they moved closer.


She had been waiting for this for so long,
to be worshiped, adored, caressed and loved by the men who now surrounded her.

They started slowly, but she could feel they were as pent us as she, eager to explore, discover and awaken those feelings that have lingered for so long. She had gently teased them for weeks, and now that she was finally giving in she could feel the explosions waiting to happen.
She loved feeling so exposed, to know she was completely open to them and they were going to see all her secrets. They took control gently as they each glided their hands around her, prodding, pulling and poking their way around until she squirmed and cooed in delight. She didn't know if they would tear into her the next minute or not, and the anticipation of consummation was too much to bear.

'It's good isn't it... Savour it, enjoy every movement, every push of his cock into you. You're such a bitch Charlotte, standing on your knees, exposing your ass, juices flowing down your thighs, tits bouncing, just begging him to fuck you harder, to spray his semen...'

She heard noises - quite strange ones - coming from the spare bedroom, but was relieved to find no burglars.

Garm's Kiss

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