"My sister's a bit obsessed" she said. I didn't really have any objections.

As some of you may know, I have been working on a compilation of the best pictures from my blog. The first part, See me Touch me, was released a few months ago. Now, the second part is online: Taste me - Eat me! Download it now from the gadgets to the right!

On request I have uploaded a clip called Knowle House, a story of what can happen in an old British manor house when the men leave their beautiful wives for a hunting party.
You can watch it online in the archives - August 2008 - or download it from the link below.

By the way: if you have only seen the clips listed here, have a look in the archives, there are a lot more there. Browse around from May 2007 until November 2008 I think.

I gently push him inside, he cautiously backs in, my hands on his belt and zipper, my tits pressing him further, hands yanking down his pants, his cock swinging stiffly. I knew he would be hard. My heel closes the rickety door behind us, left hand groping for the non-existent lock, who cares? God this place is disgusting, rust and grime everywhere, mildew and oil thick in the air. I push him down on the stained cold porcelain seat, his eyes seeking mine, his cock thick. Dress off in a single pull, panties dropped on the wet floor I straddle him, look him in his steel grey eyes. Voices, his wife talking, calling him, looking for him, trailing off. I push him back, he eases, slides down with the back of his head resting on the tile wall. I look down at him, at his face, sinewy body and muscles, his hard cock, my left hand slowly grabs it, feeling the soft skin over the rock-hard shaft. I stroke it, he gasps, I pull the skin up and down over the gleaming glans and he is mine, he has no chance, I own him. I smear the pre-cum over his knob, raise the sticky fingers to my greedy mouth and suck, then back. My right hand grabs his hair while I lower myself on him, slowly rubbing my lips with him, smearing my liquids, polishing my folds. He tries to look but I yank his head back by the hair, it hits the tiles with a bang and he groans, his muscles all tight, sweat breaking on his chest and face I hold him tight and slide myself down on him he fills me his cock is food for me nourishment meat I need I eat him wolf him my pussy sucks him I bang him hard I ride him fiercly feed my pussy smashing his head to the ghastly wall bang bang bang bang bang bang my breath goes away my eyes full of his pain my pussy fucks him feeds itself landing hard each time voices calling again sounds of wetness gurgle in my throat moans from the hole in his face knocks on the door rattling voice calling screaming head bangbangbanging the wall wet blood smears on the the grime he grows and swells spews sprays feeds me screams in the stale air I grab his throat choke him bang bang bang his head bang bang bang his cock he is meat under me he is mine I swallow him the room spins I enter blackness

Thanks to the Library Vixen for the words...

I have become obsessed with with the picture book mode...

I just finished my first attempt at making a "Dirty Picture Book" - barrels of fun. You can download it from the link you get in the gadget to the right. The link is also posted below. Please let me have any comments. Be merciless...

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