I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,
you were talking so brave and so sweet,
giving me head on the unmade bed,
while the limousines wait in the street.
Stirring her coffee she eyed him. She always did that, she divided strange men into two categories - DO or NOT DO. It made a simple public excursion or a day at the office very exhausting.
The kid sacking the groceries - 'do; oh god wait, no too young'
- her mechanic 'not do - too skinny, smells of smoke, hmm maybe I'm being too hasty, he has the look of a freak about him for some reason, in a good way'
- the gentleman parking his car - 'sorry too old'
- lifeguards at the pool - 'please, yes please, your abs are making me crazy, thank god for sunglasses'
- the black fella who just walked into the restaurant with his wife - 'mmm look at you there, built like a brick wall, bet you could just pin me up against the wall, couldn't you, and you would, too, I can tell, uh-oh, I'm staring again...'
She looks down into the black liquid in front of her, but instead she sees herself lying on her sofa, her wrists in his iron-hard grip while he's ferociously shoving his cock into her mouth, saliva and pre-cum dribbling down her chin,

her heavy breasts swaying and bouncing and she has to stop doing this, her pussy is aching and throbbing and she stands and walks over to the ladies room, her hand searching in her purse for something to use.

I'll come to you in your dreams.
No, not in a vision of a sunlit summer meadow. In a nightmare.
I'll be the reaper, crushing the memories of the little girl you were, tearing the old pictures to shreds, using you, filling you with my meat, tying you down, forcing myself into you, pushing my swollen and pulsating glans into you, I'll make you all mine, destroying anything you were before I owned you, crumbling you.
I'll come to you when you are lying in your bed, asleep, unable to escape, in a dream you can't stop, and I'll fuck you, I'll thrust my hard hard cock into you, holding your ankles, your squirming body, screams and begging firing me on, it's gasoline to me. Whimper, scream!
I'm your nightmare and I'll fuck you sore, I'll step on you and punish you, choke you 'til you gasp for air.
I'll use you as I please, your flesh is mine. Your cunt is for my pleasure only. I'll fuck you and shoot my seeds in you, they'll fill you, fill every soft little fold that you have, I'll come in your mouth, spray your face, throat and tits, empty my balls in you, on you, rub my cock in your pussy and face, clean myself on your chin.
And when I'm done I'll walk away and be gone.
Until next time.

if you could see inside my mind, the fantasies that crop up unbidden while I'm at my everyday tasks, it would probably surprise you. Most people I know would be horrified (or maybe a little aroused!). Just think of it, the next woman you see, at the grocer's, at the coffee shop, at the doctor's office; staring into space, brow furrowed, obviously a million miles away, you never know....perhaps, in her mind, she's kneeling in front of you, mouth sliding down your cock, fingers gripping your hips, and the sound of your voice as you moan is making her even wetter. Or maybe she's staring at your hands and forearms, lips parted slightly, and imagines you pulling her arms behind her, bending her over the back of the couch, sliding your cock inside her and fucking her roughly, the hard muscles of your hips and thighs slapping her ass. Or maybe, in her head, she's spreadeagled on the bed, lifting her hips to your face while your tongue slides gently around the lips of her pussy, two fingers inside her, begging until you finally stop teasing her and suck her clit until she comes, loud, screaming like Victim # 3 in a cheap horror movie...

All she knew was that she couldn't quite hear what they were saying, she could just feel the rumble of their voices, her back rubbing against the rough fabric. Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" was reverberating throughout the floor, the fin de siecle of fuck me music. She wasn't quite sure how she got here; her eyes were a little unfocused, her mind fucked up by the booze and drugs. She had always heard it was all-you-can-eat in Las Vegas, but she hadn't expected this. Their hands were all over her, pulling, soothing, exciting and this was all she wanted.

Garm's Kiss

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