Lie still, look at me.
Look at my skin, drink me with your eyes, no, stop pulling the ropes, it’s no use, you can’t get loose, don't touch me
just look at me, look at my body, yes, look at me, see my tits dangling over your sweet face, see my pussy, yes look at it, open your lips, stick out your wet warm tongue darling,
taste me, kiss my pearl, yes, lubricate my lips, yes, let my pussy grind and moisten your face, yes oh yes, eat my fluids, baby yes that’s it, lick them down, swallow me and look at me, yes yes yes look at me now when I come, yes yes
but don’t touch me
I'm not your's - it's you who are mine.

She was waiting for him in the women's locker room as he expected, she usually did. She would sit on one of the hard benches in the gym for hours, far away from the ring, watching the men wrestle, looking at their muscles swell and stretch, watching them grasp each other, their bodies entwined, working, grabbing and holding, fighting (over her she imagined). She watched their firm thighs and asses, the bulge in their groins, beneath the tight suits.
When the last fighter had gone, the lights were shut down, she silently sneaked into the locker room and eagerly took off her clothes. Her panties were wet, she held them to her nose and drew in the scent, shuttering. The showers were dripping, creating eery echoes and the room was damp and warm. She heard him coming in the corridor; she threw a towel on the wet floor and stood on all fours, holding her ass toward the door, exposing her soft and swollen tender parts. She heard it swing open and held her breath, ashamed but exhilerated.
" So you're here again" he said.
She nodded, her hair falling over her shoulders, her small breasts swinging slightly. She stretched her ass toward him and heard the coach grunt as he took off his trainers. He came closer and stood behind her, she didn't look but she knew he was holding that big hard cock he had, looking at her ass. Suddenly he smacked her and she gasped.
"You little slut" he said and she felt the head of his dick rubbing her wet crack.
"Shut up and fuck me!" she said "fuck me, asshole!"
She closed her eyes and he penetrated her, drove the cock home all the way, and while he fucked her hard she saw the men wrestle, saw them grunt and sweat, saw herself standing on all fours in the ring while they pulled down their suits, exposing huge cocks and saw them take turns fucking her; she felt herself coming while the coach hammered her and she saw herself sucking them all and she screamed and screamed and screamed, the roar rolling through the room, hitting the tile walls and bouncing all over, never ending and the coach grabbed her throat and she felt his dick way up inside, roaring as his hot cum came spraying her and she saw them all coming on her, in her cunt, in her mouth, in her face and she fell to the floor while her body cramped and she soaked her fingers in their white creamy tears.
The coach grunted and walked to the shower, his swollen cock dangling like a trunk, small drops falling to the floor. She looked up at the old man and hated him. But she knew she would be back on Tuesday.

I looked down and saw her sucking my cock, working it with her lips and toungue, her saliva lubricating it while she groaned with every shoving thrust Pitr gave her. She let me slip out, took me with her hand while she panted, wincing her eyes, moaning, gritting her teeth. Suddenly she gasped and looked up at me, pleading:
"Shit this is good Garm", she said "he's fucking me so good, honey, his cock is so sweet in my ass, god he's fucking me good" and she let out a long groan, looking over her shoulder at him and thrusting herself backwards, throwing herself at his dick, then took my cock again
"Let me have your cum, darling, let me have it".
And I did.

In february I pulished a post about a guy who went to the library and pounded the librarian. One of my readers, Juliette, sent me this text. It's the same story but from the view of the librarian.

I felt him before I saw him.
Felt his eyes on me. I'd been doing something mindless behind the counter for someone when the hackles on my neck raised and my gaze slid across the room and there he was ...
I stared for a moment, frozen, unable to finish answering the question posed to me by a customer. He wasn't entirely handsome, but striking, and his penetrating gaze lit a fire. The intensity in his eyes startled and almost frightened me. He wasn't just staring at me but devouring me, one piece
at a time.
My pulse quickened, and while I busied myself with the menial tasks of my job, I continued to steal glances at him, all the while losing focus, my mind busy imagining the power behind that stare, the animal inside the man.
My fingerstips kept idly lifting to my throat while I dealt
with helping her customers; I was driven to distraction and
having trouble putting my thoughts together. I wondered if
he could tell how my cunt ached for him.
So unlike me, the next move.
I grabbed a pushcart of books and headed straight for him, and then past him ... never meeting his gaze but close enough that my feminine scent and the undernotes of my arousal would certainly reach him.
I headed straight for a storage closet just behind him and closed the door behind myself. My heart was pounding like mad in my chest, and I kept my back to the door while nervous, shaky fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt and my hips wriggled enough so that they fell and pooled at my feet. I took a deep breath and my fingers slid into the waistband of my panties, and as they skimmed along my ass and backs of my thighs, I heard the doorknob turn.
My heart went into my throat and I had that moment of "what the fuck am I doing?"
My mind swirled and blurred and before I could figure out my next move, his hands were at my throat.
"What do you want?" He whispergrowled and I heard the unmistakeable sound of his zipper. His hands mauled my blouse and bra, tearing them from me.
Oh, fuck, he was going to make me say it, even while the hard meat of his cock slid insistently between my thighs.
I licked my lips, not trusting my voice. "I want ..."
He pawed and groped and pinched and pulled my breasts and nipples, and my cunt ached and clit throbbed in time with the hammering heartbeat in my ears.
"Say it." Commanding her.
"I need ..." I could barely get it out and my voice was weak and breathless.
"What do you need?" The more I waivered, the more insistent but cold sounding, his voice at her ear.
"I need to be ... fucked ... I need you to fuck me ... God ... Please ... Hard ... Right here ..." I was whimpering, and panting against him.
He snarled and bent me over and slid into my slick heat unceremoniously. His cock filled and stretched my depths and my body shuddered and heaved and worked to accommodate him.
"This is what you fucking need." he growled, slamming home again, pushing my breasts and face to the floor, his hand suddenly wrapping itself in my hair and snapping my head back. The pain of the wrenching fist bit into my scalp and I didn't move, I couldn't, wouldn't if I could ...
All I could think was "yes." Yes, this is what I need.
And he drove into me and rocked my body with each pounding thrust, and my grunts and gasps chorused the slicksounds our bodies made sliding against each other.
Suddenly I was in his arms and turned, lifted, so that he held me in his arms and I reflexively wrapped tightly around him, clinging to him, and his hands on my ass lifted me, pistoned me on his meat. "Yesssss." All I could tell him, and the
frothing walls of my cunt rippled and wrapped tightly around him like a vise. I felt him throb and pulse and begin to explode inside of me ... his body swayed and his groans seared my mind, and his hot cum marked my inside ... It added fuel to my fire and my sweaty body suddenly shuddered and convulsed. My vision went white and I came hard, clinging to him with every muscle in my body, I trembled and spasmed hard in his arms and wetly on his cock, my cream rendered from my body by the gripping orgasm.
"Yes ..." I was gasping for each breath of air, my body and mind dizzy and spent and not quite back to myself. I found myself lying on the floor, and it was cool against my cheek. I was thinking he must have put me there when I heard the door open, and his footsteps walking out of it.
It took me a few moments of lying there, breathing and assessing tender places, to gather my strength enough to collect my thoughts and clothes.

Garm's Kiss

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