Bo was invited to watch them fuck, it was Lea's idea, a fantasy of hers, she was drunk as hell and Bo had promised to stay put in the armchair, watching. But you can't trust a guy with a hard dick.

On request I once again give you WLL, this time with a link to download. The clips are shamelessly stolen from the film Aroused by Andrew Blake. You know the music. Apparently it's going to be played at the inauguration of the summer Olympics in London next year. I hope they bring on this couple as well.

 Our tongues copulated as we kissed, our mouths watering, she stroked my cock. I was trembling and eager, I wanted her bad, I wanted to push her over and sink into her flesh, shoot my seeds into her. But she pushed me down on my knees and turned her ass to my face, held my hair and uttered words I didn't understand, in Greek presumably, but I got the idea, there was no mistaking her intents and wishes. As I drank her lubricants she talked and sighed until she shivered and came, pulling my face hard to her crack, rubbing my mouth and tongue against her swollen sex, mixing her lucious flood of fluids with mine. I drank her, I ate her, I plunged into her and tasted her insides while she squirmed and mumbled.

Darkness came quickly, engulfing them by the fire, the drums beating their endless variations, the warm sand inviting them to stay.

When I sit at my desk, writing words on my keys, she comes in and says goodnight. I look up at her, the face I know so well, smile and wait for her to come up to me for a kiss. It's always the same thing in a comforting way.
No, not always.
Sometimes she is wearing her red flimsy corset and smells of soap, her body warm from a bath. Then I know she wants a bonking. I push away the desktop from the top of the desk, clear the papers and she takes off her gown and lies down in front of me, her legs dangling from the side, she spreads them and shows her freshly shaved and swollen pussy for me, waits for my reaction and I kneel in front of her and taste her, I kiss her and taste the cleanness and the love fluids magically appearing from no-where.
I please her, I rub her little pearl with my tongue until she comes, a finger or two inside her, and then I stand up, pull down my pants and fuck her, she screams and wants it hard, I fuck her harder, I love to see her breasts swaying from the force, to see my cock in her and I can't stop...

After the show I had such a hard-on I was ready to go to the mens' room and get it off by myself. But when I walked across the empty stage, my cock hard as a rock in my leather pants, a spotlight flooded the floor. My hand was rubbing my hardness, it reminded me of the microphone or a torch stuck inside my shorts. I heard a noise from a corner and there was Agnes, a young girl who used to clean up. I'd gawked at her ass several times, imagining. My hand still putting relieving pressure on my cock, I walked up to her and she stopped sweeping, looking at my hand, then my face.

She bent over on the bed, holding up her ass for him, she felt wicked standing like this in her silk stockings and minute thong. His hands delicately began to pull down the thong and she expected him to fuck her right then and there. Instead, she felt his long hair tickle her ass and his hot breath on her skin and she nearly came when his tongue slowly examined her cleavage, leaving a soft trail of moisture. She held her ass up higher, urging him to taste her, shaking, anticipating.

When his boss Ginna offered hom a hundred bucks if he could help out in the kitchen when she had some friends over for dinner, Max wasn't expecting this. Still, he had a great time and rode all the ladies and Ginna gave him the best blow job he had ever had.

Mary had never experienced anything like it before, he was an animal, a raving freak she had picked up in the lounge. He hammered away at her, pounding his hard cock into her, making her come again and again, and even when she fell out of the bed and nearly knocked over the table, he was on her, holding her plump ass, plunging into her, her heavy breasts swaying back and forth, her hard nipples sweeping the cold and coarse wooden floor, the bed moving about.

Afterwards Oda was happy she had finally indulged in her fantasies. She had thought about it for so long, ever since she was a teen. But if she had known that Nils had invited some friends, she probably wouldn't have done it.

I held her head in my hands and she swallowed and swallowed, the chair creeking with every thrust. She sucked every drop from me before I pulled out.
"Mmm, been a long time, huh? Now it's my turn, down on our knees darling."

Garm's Kiss

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