The night before the wedding, Kaomi had a great shower party. All her best x lovers were there.

Saturday dinners were always very romantic, with the kid's gone to some friends or something. They had the house to themselves, a nice bottle of wine, candles, soft music. Since John cooked, Malene was clearing the table when she heard him come up from behind.

When she heard the door she thought Tom had come home.

Khan was not unhappy with his father's new wife.

Tip on In

try to fill myself with every inch of you

poured out - wrung out

try to hold on as you slip into and then back-out

disappear inside

overwhelmed arousal - screams of cock fill my air

handle me, devour me, grab my mind - my solitary soul


unwrap your package, tongue tied twisted around my cunt

reach for the subtle whore

you want me to be

demand my impetuousness

find it

free my breathy moans into the atmosphere

emit our lust

through sound waves of numbness

that fly through

my spinal cord

into a twilight

of ecstasy

that only your hard

curve can penetrate.

(words by Vixen)

Last summer my wife and I rented a villa in Andalucia. It was a beautiful place with a fantastic view, a pool, huge terraces and a maid.

As soon as we came in through the door I put my arms around her and tore up her blouse, buttons popping out and scattering on the wooden floor in her living room, her mouth was wide and hot, I drank it, savoured on her juices. - Fuck me she said quietly, fuck me.

She let her finger slide in and looked me in the eyes, opening her mouth slightly while her eyes shaded over and she slowly closed them. She sighed and asked me if I wanted her, if I wanted to taste her, fuck her. I tugged at the ropes but couldn't get out of the chair and she slid in another finger, moaning quietly- "You want me? You want to slide into me?

When they first met at the bar, she considered the thought of making them fight over her. Thinking about it excited her, the men struggling with each other, hurting each other eager to win her, eager to plunge their cocks into her. Then she got a better idea.

The secrets of life, mysteries of eons, fragrant drops on my tongue.

Katja was happy with her job, it took her to so many romantic places and she met new exciting people all the time.

When Jado pushed into her he always grabbed her hair and twisted her arm. The pain mixed with the sensation of his cock made her come every time.

Jessica found that Carl could learn a great deal from his father.

Garm's Kiss

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