Finally my computer really broke down, I think it was Der Traum that did it. Anyway, that's why there hasn't been any new stuff posted lately. I've bought a new (better) computer and will start posting again as soon as I get the programs working and find some time.

The bus was almost empty, quietly humming through the endless night, rain spattering on the dark windows, only reading lights glowing up front. In the back a couple found love in an unexpected time and place.

Madge pushed him over on his back, sitting on his face. She told him to rub his dick (men always eat pussy better with their cock in their hand) and leaned in to watch. It was outrageously exciting to see him beat his boner while his tongue slid up and down her crack.

Der Traum des Kaisa Blum
There have been quite a few requests for something more rough and tough, bondage, slapping, spanking and such. To me sex and love are so many things, has many faces and expressions, and although rough stuff isn't at the top of the list, it definitely is a part of the picture as long as it's done in the sense of mutual agreement.
Der Traum des Kaisa Blum is an eight minute clip crammed with scenes from many different films and accompanied by up-beat music from the German Kompakt label. I've been working on it for some time; finding all the very short clips, editing them, adding sounds and putting it all together is very time-consuming.
There isn't a lot of really rough scenes, but there is some slapping and dominance. Personally I don't get any kick from really rough sex, heavy sadism, excrements, golden showers etc, so you won't find that in the clip. Since my blog is all about my personal interest, I don't do shit I don't like. I have re-used some scenes from previous clips, you may recognize them.
To those who don't understand German, the title means "Kaisa Blum's Dream". I don't speak German myself, at least not very well. The name of the clip is simply derived from the fact that the music is German and I was inspired by a title of a German film. It also felt intriguing to cast the film as a womans dream or a collection of dreams and fantasies. There is no real storyline, it's all mixed up, just like dreams occasionally are.
There have also been some requests for downloading links. I have started to supply these. You can download "Der Traum" by following the link below.
Hope you enjoy - and keep sending comments:

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