She bent over and showed him what she wanted, trembling, feeling his tongue on her sensitive skin.

When Ulrike was little, her mother often said she couldn't have it both ways. Now she knew that you can actually have it in at least three ways and she preferred them all.

Making Invaders of the Heart was an ordeal, but it was worth it. The song by Jah Wobble really inspired me, as did the ass of the woman in the clip. I dream of asses like hers.
This is the story of the man and woman who have been eying each other for a long time and finally they get a shot at it when he is staying over after a party. Her husband is asleep and she thinks enough is enough.
The guy in question seems pretty dull, but there you go, who knows where the heart leads you? The woman, on the other hand, is very decisive, she rides him like like there is no tomorrow.

Demain matin
A couple that can't wait use the elevator.

Karol looked down, feeling the scent from her crotch, drawing it in through his nose, tasting it, feeling it reach his balls and making him hard.
Her rubber thong stretched, trying to hold in the bulging throbbing lips, small strands of flaming red pubic hair protruded around the edges. He went down on his knees, slowly pressing a forefinger under the rubber, pulling it aside and sliding it into her. Her eyes clouded over and she mumbled something incomprehensible as he pulled the finger out and tasted it.

Having a nightcap in the bar at the Hilton, Hanna and I met an energetic young man from Burgos. While we were talking and sipping our drinks, he slowly moved to a position almost behind Hanna and I saw her eyes go watery and she became very quiet, not really a part of our conversation.
I saw him discreetly slip his hand under her short skirt and while he was doing whatever he was doing, Hanna looked me in the eyes and smiled faintly, opening her mouth slightly under her breath. She put down her glass on the counter and her hand went down behind her to where he was standing while the other hand gently pressed and stroked my hard cock.
Once back in the room there was no stopping him, he was an animal. We tore off her clothes, all except the stockings actually, and she threw herself on her knees on the bed, holding up her ass for him. He immediately mounted her, thrusting his dick into her while she gasped and moaned, gulped for air. While he rode her hard, she grabbed for my cock.
I knew the drill, however energetic, there was no way he would suffice for her. I enjoyed the show, Hanna's pleasure under his beastly pounding and waited for my turn.

When Gunilla discovered sex she was hardly a virgin any longer. But she found that mature women have more fun. She loved to release her breasts while her husband stood closely in front of her, masturbating his hard cock while looking at her. She would close her eyes and fantasize about more men standing all around her, yanking their hard cocks, wanting her, having her with their eyes. She could feel them close in on her, hear their moaning and breathing, she anticipated them, opening her mouth for them.

Garm's Kiss

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