After dinner Joelie was dizzy and warm. She cleared the table, knocking over some glasses, and climbed up on it. Some of the other women were gibbering and screaming, but the men gave her helping hands.

I'm home!
Slightly on the rough side.

Another one on the Arabian theme, Hilal. The original film is called Fucked at home, also from and the music is Hilal from the same compilation as the other three, Beginner's guide to Arabian Lounge. Unfortunately there's some scratching on the soundtrack, probably because my computer can't handle the score.
Thanks for all the comments, keep them coming!

Daouni is the third clip in my series with an Arabian music theme. The film I worked with is originally called Graced and you can find it at By the standards of the business it's not bad, but the standard is pretty low.
The song Daouni, by Cheikha Rimitti, is from a compilation of contemporary Arabian sounds - Beginners Guide to Arabian Lounge. I have done some editing to the song as well, to make it fit with the clip.
Unfortunately I am working on an old laptop which does not quite have the technical capacity to produce the quality I want. Anyway - hope you like it.
And please send comments so I know someone is watching:

Garm's Kiss

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