The makeshift bar was bursting with people and the reggae music made it's tin roof rattle and sway. Ioanna and I were warm and sticky, the guests packed together, trying to scream sentences, laughing and Ioanna pressed me against a wall, kissing me violently, her tongue in my mouth, her hand violently rubbing my cock.
She went down and started sucking me, I closed my eyes, the music pounding through my head and body. She did a great blowjob, Ioanna. She let my cock slip out and pumped me hard with her hand, and when I looked down at her I saw that there were others who were enjoying her skills, there were two other guys having their cocks blown and rubbed.
She looked up at me with dim eyes and got to her feet, leaning in hard with her chest and pushing out her ass, she wrapped her arms around me hard, and spoke in my mouth, her hot breath smelling cock and semen.
"Hold me hard, Ulf, hold me tight. I want these animals to fuck me".
And they did. I held her as hard as I could, my arms around her shoulders and neck, holding her hair, my mouth kissing her as she gasped when they pulled down her shorts and fucked her hard from behind, one after the other.
She came and came again, I don't know how many times, her body twitched over and over again, sweat running on her and she spoke to my face, to my neck, ears and in my mouth.
"Oh fuck me, oh shit they fuck me good Garm, hold me hard, see them fucking your wife, fucking me so hard..."

She heard the kids calling for her down-stairs, it sounded like the usual fight about the remote control for the TV. Ignoring them, she held aside her panties, grabbed my hair and pulled my face to where she wanted it.
"I love Saturdays, Garm", she mumbled, "kiss me again" when my tongue touched her soft crack.

Irina knew she looked best in blue.

Garm's Kiss

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