His cock was really huge, like on a horse, and when she looked up at me, cum dripping from her smeared swollen lips, I knew things would change around the house.

Fay stretched forward to fill her mouth with it, but the straps held her back.

There have been a lot of facial pics on my blog recently. I don't know why. I guess it's because I really enjoy making them. They excite me. The ejaculation IS the ultimate visual expression of sex.
I enjoy a blowjob as much as the next guy, and coming in her mouth is exciting, but mostly on a psychological level; what could possibly be more sexual than coming in someones mouth? What could possibly be more submissive than opening your mouth and let someone release himself?
But all said and done, when it's time to spurt, I prefer coming inside my woman, letting my seed go in her pussy.
And that's very difficult to portray visually.

We soon found the right rythm, fucking her slowly.

She played with my semen with her fingertip, dabbing at it and sucking it. "Lick me" she said.

Just when she was swallowing the last drops the door swung open.

She had consumed three of them and the excitement was grand. There was nothing as exhilarating and rewarding as being the object, tied down and used. Being the woman of their desire, gaping and swallowing. Exciting them and making them hard, sucking their swollen cocks, making them gasp and twitch and burst. Being commanded but still in command. Their semen thick in her throat, slowly warming her inside, she felt threads drip from her chin onto her stomach and thighs. The fourth and last one of them was the grand prize.
"Come on lover" she said under her breath, "give me your load."

This, of course, is a fantasy. Maybe even the ultimate male fantasy: a slutty woman totally into kinky sex without making any demands, worshiping men that use her and abuse her, longing for the taste of cock - any cock - and the flow of semen in her mouth, dribbling over her chin. Are there any women who also fantasize about things like this?
If so, let me know.
Or tell me what the ultimate female fantasy is.

When Angela came back from the ladies room, her friends at the table noticed that her lipstick was smeared and she had a drop of white fluid under her chin.

Karen never objected when Ben wanted to invite his boss for dinner and drinks. They got on fine.

They spread a blanket on the steel floor of the hot engine room. The cook mounted the mechanic, spilling her full white breasts over his face.

After the show, Riha always needed something to make her unwind.

She was starving, not having eaten for days.

Garm's Kiss

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