The vacations on Cuba were always a treat for Alice.

Pitr had never been so hard and he couldn't stop coming.

After a night out with the girls she was always determined when she came home to Nils.

The veils couldn't hide her beauty, they increased it.
I wanted to be that thin cloth covering her mouth, feeling her hot breath, I wanted to be the rings in her nipples, the stockings on her thighs, the black dildo in her hand.

I'm fucking him.
I'm fucking him with my mouth and throat, with my newly acquired skills.
He receives me when I press my mouth around his cock, his hardness filling me.
Again I am surprised at the tickle spreading from my throat down to my cunt, a newly found red path inside myself.
And I want. I want. I want.
I'm fucking him.
I thrust his shaft inside myself. He is wet and slippery. And I open. Open deep. I take what I want.
And I want. I want. I want.
I'm fucking him.
I'm forcing him to come, with my mouth, he comes like warm melted white chocolate in me and I want it.

When we came to her cabin, Bela opened the door, turned on the light and woke her friend, Marja, from Finland or something, who was sleeping in the top bunk. Bela giggled a lot, pulled down my zipper and brought out my cock.
"Look what I found" she said giggling.
I leaned against the wall while she went down on her knees and sucked me in.
Marja drowsily sat up in her bunk, with sleepy eyes and puffy cheeks, she looked at us, covered herself up to the neck in her sheets and blanket and leaned against the side wall. She caught my eyes and studied every twitch I made as Bela sucked my cock and squeezed my balls. Something stirred slightly under her covers and I knew she was feeling herself while watching us. Slowly she shifted her legs so that the blanket dropped aside while her eyes were locked on mine. Her thighs spread wide, fingers carefully parting her lips, slowly rubbing the folds inside. Her gaze dimmed, every now and then closing her heavy eye-lids and then opening again to watch us.
She threw the covers aside and for the first time I could see her astute blond body as she climbed down from her bunk to join us.

She showed me the new boots she bought for the party.

I was very surprised to find the dentist living next door lying on my bed.

"Let me fuck your ass, screw your tight wet pussy, see your full breasts dangle as I hump you, make you squirm and scream when I push my swollen rod into you".
"Oh shit" she said under her breath.

The ropes around her wrists glowed in the light as I unbuckled my belt.

Garm's Kiss

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