I really needed her, I needed to part her legs, pull aside her panties and fuck her. My cock was hard and pulsating and leaped out when I pulled down my zipper.

Being tied by the wrists always turned her on. The tape over her mouth was something new and added sensation.

"Lie still, lover-boy, and let me sit on you."

She pulled down her knickers and looked me in the eyes.
"Pull out your cock, let me see it, let me see you handle it."

Sitting down she started taking off her bra.
"Taste me".
I bent on my knees on the cold tile floor.

When the house was still I climbed in through her window. I saw her kneeling on her bed, in the dim light from the windows. She only wore leather straps wrapping and hugging her white skin. As I opened my mouth to speak, she hushed me and whispered
"Quiet, so they won't hear us, they will kill you if they find you here".
I thought of Tybalt, but I wasn't afraid of him. As I unstrapped her harness and penetrated her in the manner of dogs and other animals, her breath came unevenly and her soft spoken words floated in the moonlight.
"If you want to fuck me, say it! Or do you think I'm too easily won? I can be perverse, I can say no, and have you beg for it."

I popped my new purchase out from under the pillow. It felt cool and substantial in my hand, it glistened and gleamed, its blue veins protruding and the bulbous head looked obscene. She drew my hand closer and took it from me, smiling at its hardness and weight, she gently slid it inside.

We became friends and she used to come to my small house. In spite of the great differences in or lives, there were also similarities. Koni was fed up with the intellectualism and cultural discussions that surrounded her at home, her pompous husband. Her head was full but her body was barren and ached. We spent afternoons and nights together. She came to me for sex, for being fucked, and she wanted to try everything.


In the back room she was everybody's darling.

And in his pocket is a portrait of the queen.

Karel loved Fridays.

Maybe the garage was not the best place, but Hamid got paid for fixing her tires.

Suddenly the door opened and light flowed into the room.
"Elizabeth!" I said.

While Portia was polishing her ring, Nerissa looked after Bassanio.

Should I stay or should I go?

But despite that, he still wasn't sure what he was doing here. As he continued to look at her ass and pull down her skirt, his heart pounded.

Garm's Kiss

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