When I was finished, Zenyali licked her lips gently, and turned around to Noi.

Then she let me go and told me that she wanted me to "...jerk that fucker off" for her. She pulled her dress off and turned on the side, showing me her ass, brown down and puffed lips of her sex. She began to rub them gently in circles, the pedals opening to show me some of her pink, juicy bits that inspired my own play. I grabbed the base of my stiffness, wagged it at her and began to stroke the soft skin over the hard shaft.

Jindra felt him inch closer until she felt his body against hers, his stiffness sliding between her buttocks. His hand touched her back and moved down and over her ribs until it was around her stomach. His cheek was against her shoulder and she heard him exhale. She had to admit he felt wonderful against her, but she wondered what he had in mind.

Her hand went to my crotch. A little less than surprised, though thoroughly pleased, by this latest turn of events, I shifted to give her better access to my stiffening cock. Her fingers soon found it and in a moment her lips slipped over the head of it. The soft warmth of her mouth enveloped me while I watched Owadi slide in and out of her.

Soft music came from the open doors to the balcony and the voices from the party mixed with the windy gusts of autumn. Something wet fell on the back of my neck and rolled down my back in cool trickles. I held my hand out and looked up. The storm clouds were sporadically clumped in the sky, patches of dark gray rolling against the moonlit darkness. And then it began to sprinkle, the moonlight catching the raindrops and turning the world into a surreal dream.
I leaned in and kissed her, the subtle earthy scents from the freshly dampened soil below rising up into the air. The rain was quietly drumming against us as we kissed and my hand slid in under her panties. There were only a few times in my life I can remember a single perfect moment, but as the rain fell on us I knew this was one of them.
The water rolled off her face in fat drops, her skin shining against the blackness of her dress in the luminescent rainfall. Her hair had soaked already, and she brushed the strands back from her face with a simple sweep of her hand. She looked at me, her dark eyes alive with color as the sun caught in her irises and revealed her pupils to me.

It didn`t take me long.


From the bridge above came the sound of passing cars as their tires trailed the wet pavement, the cold light of a single flickering streetlight ripped through the darkness and flashed intermittently on her torn blouse. She shivered as chilly winds with traces of rain swirled around her legs.

Garm's Kiss

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