Finally the mailman was coming. But the mailman always comes twice.

The night-shift wasn`t so bad after all.

Good - for being black

After the eruption stopped she gently sucked on the heads of our dicks until there was no more semen coming out. She licked her lips and said,
"You taste pretty good for being black guys."

"Come my love, open up as wide as you can."
She did so reluctantly, looking at the faces she could see in the darkness, their eyes following her every move. They wanted to see her come, to see her gasp and writhe, to see her juices flow and her eyes roll in pleasure. It made her wet.
Carl`s fingers moved up and down her fluid folds on either side of her swollen clit. She remembered it, it was fantastic the way he did that. It made her come at once, her hips thrust forward against him. She heard murmurs from the others and was excited by the knowledge that her pleasure made them wet, hard and horny. They had no idea, she thought.
Carl slid to the floor and put his mouth over her crotch, his tongue gently licking her and sliding into her and she came again and again. She opened her eyes slightly and saw the crowd, some of them staring at her in awe, others sucking, kissing and fucking.
When he rose on his knees and shoved in his cock, she tossed her head back and forth, screaming in a frenzy as he burst and sent his seed deep into her.
Again, she opened her eyes and saw a line of men standing behind him.
"Oh god" she wispered.

Gently, as if she were holding small and delicate eggs, she squeezed.


In the bar we met Dan, Dan the Man as my wife would later refer to him.


This is what I feel like when I am fucking my woman.
When I look in the mirror I discover it`s not quite true.
But it`s a nice feeling anyway.

She buried her face deep in the soft cool bed-cover, making groans as she pushed up her bottom higher, as if it were reaching for him. Oh god, she thought, I must look like a total slut, my up-turned ass in the air, slutty lingerie and high heels, the works. She hated herself for doing it but it made her tremble with lust as she squeezed her eyes shut, hid her burning face in the covers and grabbed her buttocks, exposing her glistening wet crotch.
"Yes please, oh please" she murmured into the covers.
- "I can`t hear you" he said.
- "Please!" she repeated loudly, almost shouting and demanding. "Do me!"
She had never begged before, she loathed herself for it but did it again, it increased the pleasure of submission. She had never wanted a man inside her so much before, she longed for the feeling of his hard glans parting her lips and sliding into her, the thick phallos filling her.
She was trembling with shame and lust, displayed fully for him, exposing her white buttocks and unable to hide the glistening pink folds, swollen, opened wide and yearning.
He rubbed her pearl with two fingers, slowly, almost insulting, and she moved higher with her bottom to increase the pressure, unable to stop herself. His slow pace and the shame made her weep, and when his fingers entered her the whimpering turned to crying.
She heard him un-zipping his pants and when he put the other hand on the small of her back she could feel his hard cock in the cleft between her buttocks. He pulled out his fingers and pressed her thighs more widely apart.
She whimpered as her buttocks gaped open obscenely, waiting for him. It was horrifying to know that he could see her in this situation, that she so totally exposed and humiliated herself in front of him. She would despise herself for it tomorrow but tonight it was exhilarating; she was experiencing the fuck of a life-time and she hoped she would never see him again, once he had satisfied her.
I can see her through the crack in the door. I hear muffled sounds from her breath, sheets rustling as she folds them aside, slight quirks from the tired springs in the old guest-room bed. Her bed-light casts a soft cold light over her skin as she moves slowly, trying to avoid making sounds, opening her mouth to breathe faster. Her hands wander, they know exactly where to go, what to do
I do the same thing. Looking at her, I grab my hard cock in the darkness of my room and my hand yanks it, my fingers smear the pre-cum over my swollen glans. She moves faster, louder as her fingers rub and when she comes my juice flows over my stomach and we gasp and grunt together, each one of us trying to be quite.
She turns out the light.
- Goodnight, she says softly under her breath.


I love all kinds of women. Old, young, tall, short, skinny and fat (not too fat or skinny though), small breasts or melonas. They all attract me.


She laughed. "I'm going to suck it alright." She moved her head lower and slowly took inch by inch of his cock into her mouth, he could hardly breathe, numb from the intense pleasure she was giving him. Her green eyes looked up at his and her mouth was stuffed with his cock. Her full lips slowly moved up and down tasting all of it. His toes curled and his balls began to swell up.
"Suck my cock honey!" he whispered.
She took him out of her mouth and narrowed her eyes at him, while stroking him. "Let me have it, every drop".
He grabbed her head and led her back to sucking. Her warm mouth was stroking his hard flesh once again. He was moaning loudly, feeling the urge to explode in her mouth.
He hissed and gasped, twitched.
The beauty moved her mouth faster and clamped her lips harder around him and he burst like a volcano, spewing his seed into her. He opened his eyes and saw her gulping it. His balls were throbbing as if they were making more sperm to feed her. It seemed like minutes before he could stop cumming. The beauty slowly let go of him, lifted her pretty face and he saw a smear on her chin and in the corner of her mouth.
"Every drop," he said, reaching down to wipe his warm cum off her face. He held his finger to her mouth and the beauty slid it in and sucked it right off.

Whatthefuck am I doing? I`m sitting on a big black cock and Angus is in the next room, fuck fuck fuck, ooooooh it`s so hard, aaaahhh, oh god, what was that, voices, shit, come on, deeper!! all the way in!! are they coming? shit this cock is good, hurry up, I must be out of my mind, aaaahh...

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