Moonlight serenade

Their kisses were long and deep, tongues playing their games, blood rushing in their veins. He let his hands run over the soft thin dress, up to her throat, holding it while he kissed her deeper. She gasped and pulled away, looking him sternly in the eyes.
Tie me, she said, I want you to tie me and fuck me, here against the tree.
While he went to the boat-house she pulled the dress over her head and took off her underwear. He came back with a long soft rope and she held out her wrists to him, for him to tie. He wrapped the rope around her wrists and tied firmly, as she looked up the tree-trunk:
Over the branch, she said
and he threw it over the branch and pulled it tight so that her hands were in front of her face, tying the other end to a shrub. She was trembling, her eyes dark with lust and a glimpse of fear. He admired her bound body in the light of the moon, circled around her, feeling her skin and savoring her with hands and mouth. She breathed heavily and stood apart with her legs when his hands, lips and tongue tasted her. Moaning, she went down on her knees with her tied hands high in the air.
Fuck me, damn you you wimp, fuck me hard, she said.
He yanked out his stiff cock and entered her, fucked her deep with his hands holding her firmly by the hips when he thrust into her. She moaned and sobbed, sometimes crying and coming as he picked up speed.
I want it, she cried, in my mouth, come let me swallow it.

Hotel hands

At one a.m. she called reception and asked for the towels.
There were never any towels in the hotels these days. Hiding them in the cupboard, she heard the soft knock on the door. She opened it slightly, just enough for him to see her naked wet breasts and dripping hair, taking a towel from the stack he carried, wrapped it around herself and asked him to put the others in the bath-room.
Once they were inside it never failed. It only took moments and some silly encouraging before their hands were on her body, the soft and strong hands of young hotel clerks on their night-shift. She loved the hotel hands, the way they made her feel when they stroked her warm smooth skin, the way they brushed away the tiresome troubles of another day on the road.
She let them wander and feel her, explore her, excite her and make her oil flow, let their fingers work on her precious pearl and slip in and out of her until she came, her brain cleaned, her body soft and at ease. She sucked the fingers and slipped into the calm sleep of afterglow after giving them their tip and hearing the door lock behind them.
Her last conscious thoughts were always of her children and Jack at home, waiting for her. But first there were a few more business meetings. And a few more hotels.

Dinner games

It was a game they played when they had friends over for dinner or a party. When spirits were high, he lit candles in the bedroom and took her there, undressed her slowly, caressing her body and tying a scarf over her eyes as she knelt on the carpet. Another soft cloth was wrapped loosely around her wrists before he silently left the room as she sat there naked on her knees, waiting, her heart-beat throbbing in her temples.
A few minutes later, someone opened the door and silently came into the room. He stood in front of her, she could hear him un-zip his fly and fondle his cock in front of her un-seeing eyes. She trembled and opened her mouth wide for him and then she had him, sucked him hard like he had probably never been sucked before and finally swallowed his seed when he couldn`t resist her any longer, some of it coming on her cheeks and lips.
Slowly she caught her breath, untangled her wrists and wiped her lips and face as he left and closed the door behind him, never taking off the scarf before she heard the click from the latch in the door. Sitting on the floor, she held on to the moment, waiting for her blushing cheeks to cool, savoring what she had done, the taste of him, before she dressed and joined the guests again, looking at them all under the chandelier, wine sparkling in their glasses, gossip and chit-chat filling the air; wondering. She took a sip of wine, swallowing down the cum. Who`s was it?
Was it Patrik`s? Was his cock so big and hard, his load so tasty? Did his wife Laura do it for him? She sat there and chattered away, laughing and not suspecting anything. Or was it him, Carl, the one with the lean and firm body? Or maybe his boss, black Angus with the broad shoulders. She thought of the taste, size, hardness and feel of the flesh as she sucked him and tried to match the cock with the man, sought their eyes over the table, tried to find evidence in their faces. They never gave it away.
Afterwards, when they lay in bed and the candles were flickering in their final breaths, she would ask him who it was but he never told her. Secretly she wondered when he would invite two of them.



Don't move, don't talk out of time, don't think, don't worry, everything's just fine, Just fine
Don't grab, don't clutch, don't hope for too much, don't breathe, don't achieve
or grieve without leave
Don't check, just balance on the fence, don't answer, don't ask, don't try and make sense
Don't whisper, don't talk, don't run if you can walk, don't cheat, compete, don't miss the one beat
Don't travel by train, don't eat, don't spill, don't piss in the drain, don't make a will
Don't fill out any forms, don't compensate, don't cower, don't crawl, don't come around late, don't hover at the gate
Don't take it on board, don't fall on your sword, just play another chord, if you feel you're getting bored

I feel numb

Twice as nice

Julie forgot about the other guests and enjoyed herself with John and a friend of his in the library. They never noticed the doors were slightly open, the muted wispers and sighs from the doorway drowned in the music and laughter.

Garm's Kiss

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