Great idea

The appetizers were delicious and the drinks relaxing as we discussed our lives. Mark asked," Do you want another round?"

Girls talk

A popular belief has it that watching porn is an almost exclusively male activity. Of course we all know that`s not true. There are plenty of women who watch and enjoy porn, even though not as many as men. But there is more to it than that. I find that women are also more communicative around porn.
I have some drawings and pictures at a site called (look in the list of links). I think some there have been some 100 000 visitors to my pictures, but very few send comments (which is a shame since I like talking to people who look at my pictures). The point is that almost all the comments I receive are from female porn-watchers (which I think is great). They send me all kinds of comments on my pictures, what motifes they would like to see, what turns them on etc.
I think that if more women watched porn, it would be a lot more fun and creative. So please girls, keep watching and ask your female friends to join in.
Talk to me, girls!

Nulla in mundo pax sincera

Spirit anguis
inter flores et colores
explicando tegit fel.
Sed occulto tactus ore
homo demens in amore
saepe lambit quasi mel.

The serpent's hiss conceals its venom,
as it uncoils itself
among blossoms and beauty.
But with a furtive touch of the lips,
a man maddened by love
will often kiss as if licking honey.

Garm's Kiss

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