Lucas leaned forward and kissed me, and it was so sweet.
My heart soared. This time it would be different... I could feel it. Surely Lucas must love me, even just a little to look at me like that, to kiss me like that?
His mouth gently coaxed my lips apart, though not much coaxing was required. I wrapped my arms around him, my hands moving up to stroke his cock.
This time it would definitely be different...


What is it with interracial sex that gets me off?
It`s a great turn-on to see black men fucking white women. And fucking is exactly what they do at all the interracial sex sites. There is nothing subtle about it. It`s plain hardcore fucking and sex, often in gangbangs and with a certain amount of aggression, bordering to abuse sometimes. Big stiff dicks and hard black bodies pounding white pink pussies.
On the other hand, I find nothing interesting with white men screwing black girls. It`s boring to the bone.
Why is that?

Love, actually

She loves them both.
They`re very different though both are beautiful. One is her husband, lover and the father of her children, he is considerate, loyal and dependable, he is security. A rock to rest on.
The other is also her lover, but an adventure, an excitement and a thrill. She loves them both, and wants them both. When she closes her eyes she can smell and taste them both at the same time. Even if they don`t know it. She can put on make-up, dress up in stockings and silky underwear, trim her hair and put them both in her bed, have their hard cocks in her hands and other places, let them have her in any way they want.
It`s love.


Do not enter greedily.
I am not ready
To entrust you yet
With my secret.

Place your fingers around my knob
But dare not come inside to rob.
Slowly trace, along my crevice slide
But do not spread me open wide.

First press yourself against me gently
Listen for a sign of entry.
I will tell you when it's time
With the rhythm of my rhyme.

Until then linger without a sound
Imagination keeping you around.
As I ignite you with my tongue
Whispering ancient tunes unsung.

When my resistance is wearing thin
and I ache enough to let you in.
Tired of taunting drop by drop
I will beg you in to never stop.

From: finding mr right

Garm's Kiss

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