This is my honey. She has a sharp nose and a round wonderful ass. In my fantasies I see her being the center of attention for several men, in a gangbang. I imagine them being all over her, fucking, sucking and having her in all possible ways. I see her enjoying them and moaning from pleasure.
Maybe that`s her fantasy as well, she won`t tell me.


Apart from worms and some other slimy animals and insects, humans are the only creatures who try to get it off while lying down face to face. From a strictly biological point of view it`s an utterly silly thing to do. Of course, it makes it possible to kiss and look each other in the eyes, for what it`s worth, but on the whole it`s terribly impractical. Bellies, breasts and thighs often prevent a full, deep penetration like you get when banging doggy-style.
Considering that there are very few missionaries these days, but a hell of a lot of worms, the missionary position should actually be called the worm position. On the same note, the doggy-style position could be renamed into piggy-style or badger-style. Or why not natural-style? When all the kissing and eyes-watching is done away with, everyone knows it`s the best way to go.

Machine Room

The ship softly rolls, roaring of engines fills the room. Flames flicker the steel walls and drops of warm moisture seep through cracks, dripping from rusty rivets and blackened bolts. A stench of metal and oil in hot air, thick to inhale, forcing pores to open, trickles of sweat lubricate skin against skin. Hands holding hands and arms, flesh pushing flesh, sighs unheard in throbbing noise of fire and diesel. Tongues and lips whispering and tasting, limbs hugging limbs, tongues kissing tongues. Scents blending, juices mixing. The hard mechanic`s muscles twitch, contract as she greedily devours him, his hair tickling her thighs, warm wet tongue in her craving crack. Mumbling. Sighing. Her mouth full of hard maleness with velvet skin and red tight tissue, pulsating, hot fluid flushing out. Swallowing the seaman`s semen while he polishes her precious pearl quicker, harder, his oily fingers fill her and feel her. The roar in the room drowns in a consuming silent bang, imploding in her, drawing her to into deep darkness, white blackness in her eyes as the flesh in her mouth softens, she sucks and sucks, feeling his warm mouth breath over her swollen lips.


Let`s face it, porn is full of shit. Being an amateur pornographic artist myself, I have to rely a lot on pictures I find on the web. I browse around, sometimes endlessly trying one link after the other, searching high class pictures that I can use as originals or inspiration. But the turnout is lousy.
As long as your looking for pictures of beautiful women, you`re OK, there are plenty of glossy high class pictures around. But me, I`m looking for sex, hardcore stuff. Action - not posing; women - not girls.
It seems as when you cross the line from yearning girls to the real stuff, quality ends. Esthetiques fly out the door and in comes a vile monster of bad taste, carelessness and downright miserable crap.
Unfortunately it`s not merely the artistic quality of most hardcore that puts me off. It`s also the obvious lack of ethics and respect in the production. Girls are used, abused, humiliated and oppressed. Anyone claiming that maybe they don`t mind being gangbanged in their butts, being slapped around and having their faces sprayed by jizz, from men they don`t even know, is full of shit.
I`m the first guy to admit that a gangbang turns me on, but it can be done soooooo much better and with at least som basic ethics. Sex is a great thing and we all deserve better pictures of people having sex.
The bulk of the stuff circulating now is an insult.


Sometimes I wonder what it`s like to suck a dick. When my woman sucks my dick it seems she`s enjoying it. So how does it feel to have it in your mouth, what are the pros and cons? Do the muscles in your jaws start to ache, do you run out of saliva, does your tongue get a rash, that kind of thing.
And when the guy comes, what would I do? My woman swallows my load and I can imagine that`s a trick. I tried having a medium-sized carrot in my mouth and swallowing repeatedly at the same time. It wasn’t easy. Maybe it works better with additional fluids?
I bet it gives you a kick when you have been sucking for a while and he finally comes. It certainly gives me satisfaction when I`m giving head and my woman delivers. And getting a splatter of semen is so much more concrete.
Maybe I should give it a shot?


The sound of him opening his zip brought her up sharp.
Oh yes, God yes, she thought as he freed his erect cock.
She had never been keen on oral sex, but she had wanted to suck him since the first time she saw him. The firm stem reared up from the open zip, his pubic curls hidden beneath the leather. He was big and veiny. The moist reddish glans was collared by skin.
She leaned forward and dabbed at the cock-head with her tongue, lapping up a single drop of clear fluid.The hand on the back of her head exerted a more insistent pressure.

Gentle touches

Slender fingers she didn’t recognize grabbed her hand and she looked into the green eyes that nearly looked scared. “Shhh, you know we won’t hurt you,” he whispered softly, his mouth close to hers.
Darkness covered her eyes, and she wanted to panic again. She knew Mat and Dan would never hurt her, but still...
The instant fear gave in to excitement. She felt her nipples harden and breath coming in gasps. The waves of warmth came quicker and quicker. Without being able to see, she couldn’t tell exactly what they were doing.
Someone held her ankles and when she tried to move her legs she couldn’t; with the way her legs were spread apart a cool draft was tickling her thighs.
Soft hands, different from the rough large hands of her husband, were exploring down her thighs, moving in under the hem of her panties and pulling them aside. The gentle touch was bringing trembling to her skin as they touched so lightly it nearly tickled. Fingers pulled down her bra and gently stroked her nipples.
Amanda leaned her head back and let it happen, savouring the attention. Her breasts heaved and begged the fingers to explore more while they moved all over her, her mouth greedily sucking Mats’ tongue.

Garm's Kiss

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