What Karin liked most about their stays on Grenada was the barber shop she found on a small back street in Saint Gerorge's. The boys there were very heplful and liked to shave her stubble.

"Where are you going to put that?" Bebe asked smiling, stroking my hard dick as the elevator moved upward. She looked me in the eyes and unzipped me, her small hand inside, squeezing my balls, urging them to produce more hormones and jizz. The nipples on her tiny tits bulged under the silky fabric of her top. I gently stroked them.

"I think you have some options as to where you want to put your nice hard cock...
I'd like to see what you have in mind."

I closed my eyes and leaned on the wall, feeling her hand stroke me. Perhaps I should press the button and make the elevator stop? Maybe she would get down on her knees?

"I think I'll have to try all of them out" I said. "Where do you want me to begin?"

She leaned in on me, kissed me deep. Speaking softly into my breath she whispered:

"Mmmmm, I always like starting in my mouth...." and she started sucking my tongue, pulsating, taking it all like it was a dick, in and out of her wet mouth.

I swear I was about to come there, in her hand, like a young school boy, But the elevator stopped and dizzily I followed her toward her room. 

– What's her name?
– That doesn't matter, sir.
– May I take off the gag? Fuck her mouth?
– Yes, sir.
– Will she scream?
– She may.
– Can I cum in her mouth?
– I think she expects it, sir.

– Yes, like that...
I'm dripping
lick it up
swallow it
give me a finger
and one in the back

After the divorce, lady Winthrope found that she had desires that she had forgotten about for many years, Dark desires. Ant she also found thet Manuel had talents she never knew about.

Garm's Kiss

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